Comprehensive Eye Exams in Columbia, MD

There are many different diseases that can affect your eyes and vision. Through routine checkups at our clinic, however, you are able to receive the preventative care necessary to limit the affect they have on your health and sight. The ophthalmologists at the Medical Eye Center help you properly care for your eyesight by providing you with routine, preventative eye exams in Columbia, MD. From tear testing and dry eye treatments to diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration care, our clinic provides you with everything you need to achieve better eye health.

Available Services and Treatments Include

General Ophthalmology
Cataract Surgery
Macular Degeneration
Contact Lenses
Botox/Fillers/ZO Health/Obagi Skincare Products
Chalazion/Cyst/Lesion Removals (Also, Biopsies)

Contact us to schedule an eye exam with our compassionate ophthalmologists. We provide patients throughout the Columbia, Maryland, area with the quality care they need to improve their eye health.